How to optimise installation costs with the Berna Eco 2 Waterproof Luminaire

By: Secom
30 de April, 2021
Reading time: 7 min

A waterproof LED luminaire is a type of light fixture which is extremely resistant to impact and external agents such as dust and water. It can therefore be used outdoors without fear of it being damaged. Below, we highlight some of the features, benefits and possible uses of the Berna ECO 2.

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Standout features of the Berna ECO LED

This type of luminaire has a double rapid connector at each end, meaning technicians need not open it during electrical installation. They simply connect the current to both connectors on the fixture and the light is ready to go, saving time and labour costs in the process!

Berna ECO is made from highly resistant and durable materials. The body is manufactured from polycarbonate, as is the optic. The composition of the luminaire prevents it from heat damage – crucial when these lights will be in use for extended periods.


These waterproof screens come in three sizes: 600, 1,200 and 1,500 mm. They are available in colour temperatures of 4,000 K and 5,700 K and have a useful life of around 50,000 hours.

The hermetic case has a waterproof rating of IP65, meaning the luminaire is resistant to water, dust and corrosion. The light turns on instantaneously, and the absence of fluorinated gases makes it a better choice environmentally.

Where can this luminaire be used?

These hermetic luminaires are specially designed for car parks (outdoor and underground), corridors and basements. They are also suitable for industrial kitchens, warehouses, underground stations and any industrial zone or open space.



Agricultural facilities will also benefit from continued use of these practical and efficient luminaires. Their optimal performance renders them suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor areas.

Advantages over other waterproof light fixtures

The product saves time and costs owing to the ease of installation. But that’s not all: choosing this waterproof LED light over a fluorescent alternative leads to significant electricity savings, sometimes up to 60 or 70 percent.


As you can see, the optimal lighting and excellent performance provided by the Berna ECO 2 Waterproof Luminaire facilitates professional activity in any type of industrial zone. What’s more, the innovative technology in the luminaire generates energy savings over other products.


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