Aliket Infinit UGR10: Maximum visual comfort in your continuous line lighting

By: Secom
30 de April, 2021
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Visual comfort directly affects our daily lives and, in order to attain it, we have to use the correct lighting. This is the case with the Aliket Infinit UGR10, which keeps exactly the right spectrum to avoid glare and another annoyances. Below, we will take a look at its advantages, characteristics and modification options.

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Most Notable Characteristics of the Aliket Infinit UGR10

The Aliket Infinit UGR10 is designed to guarantee the right lighting in a multitude of surroundings. In that regard, reducing glare or the use of too much light is important, since these effects can be annoying and even harmful to people’s health. In order to avoid the more serious health consequences, in 1995 the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) was created. This method of calculating glare from lighting is used to determine what levels of brightness are most comfortable for the human eye. In this way, light fitters have a point of reference to adhere to in their work.

According to this method, the Aliket Infinit UGR10 is one of few lighting systems to achieve such a high level of visual comfort. It is a continuous line lighting system that is able to reach up to 40m with a single point of light. Each module has between 20 and 40kW and the light is projected at an angle of 110°. Two luminaires can be connected to increase the distance to 80m, or as many as required can be connected to reach any distance.

The body of the luminaire is made of aluminium, which is light in terms of both weight and maintenance.aliket-infinit-ugr Furthermore, it uses LEDs with a lifespan of around 50,000 hours, which leads to major savings on replacements. The colour temperature emitted is either 3,000, 4,000 or 5,700k, meaning there is no problem in differentiating between tones in any space. The light can be attached to the ceiling or suspended from it without losing any of its exceptional qualities.

One detail that makes this luminaire stand out is its UGR. The average for a light of this type is 20, which can often result in uncomfortable brightness. However, this Aliket model has a UGR of 10 or less, ensuring ideal brightness at all times.

Where can you use this luminaire?

Just like any other infinite luminaire, there is a variety of possibilities. Offices are a great place for this model, maintaining excellent lighting conditions in rooms both large and small. This use in particular makes it stand out among its more direct competitors.

It also copes very well in different types of establishment such as supermarkets, which demand very high-quality lighting. Supermarkets need lighting that can remain on for most of the day while also delivering favourable light for a variety of products, from meat to vegetables to wine.



What is more, you can also add a motion detector to the Aliket Infinit UGR10, making this luminaire excellent for corridors and other transit areas, as it will turn on automatically without the need for a switch. The combination of this feature, the aluminium structure and the LED lights make it an ideal option for these kinds of spaces.

Different optics options

LED luminaires have a variety of options for different scenarios. The lenses help to control the projected light with precision. They’re also able to be adapted for colour temperature and tailored to the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), giving you perfect results for exactly what you are looking for.

In the case of the Aliket Infinit UGR10, it is also possible to modify the LEDs in order to highlight different products in supermarkets. For instance, in order to highlight fish, modify the light to 4,000k with a CRI of >90; to accentuate the freshness of bread on the other hand you will need 3,000k and a CRI of >90. In this way, you can make products more appetising on the shelf.

The Aliket Infinit UGR10 can be adapted to different necessities with ease. It boasts a range of colour temperatures, lengths and colours, as well as a light-regulation option, high-performance optics that adapt to different situations, and remarkably simple maintenance. All this while maintaining a significant reduction in energy costs.

Thanks to these features, sensitive goods such as those mentioned above, can be kept in an optimum condition. All that is needed is a calibration of the optics to achieve the required characteristics, which can be requested during installation.

Fixed or suspended, the luminaires are very easy to install. They adapt seamlessly to any space, from a supermarket to an office or even a warehouse.

These optics guarantee comfortable lighting at all times, avoiding glare or lack of light, which is a problem with other poorly adjusted lights. In the case of the supermarket, clients can go about their business without being overwhelmed by too much light, which can often lead to a more stressful shopping experience.

In short, the Aliket Infinit UGR10 is a luminaire that boasts an array of installation possibilities, at the heart of which is people’s comfort. Taking great care in this respect is fundamental, especially when it comes to the workplace or public areas.

This visual comfort is a quality that is rarely given the attention it needs. Overlooking this point is a great mistake when purchasing the right lighting. After all, inadequate lighting often leads to a loss of potential clients and a reduction in workers’ morale, especially if they are exposed to it for long periods of time.


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