Using LED strip lights outdoors

By: Secom
24 de August, 2022
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When it comes to illuminating areas such as gardens, pools and terraces, outdoor LED strip lighting provides us with endless possibilities. It looks great on pergolas and paths, and is a handy way of delimiting spaces. When used outdoors, LED strip lights can make spaces look spectacular while remaining incredibly functional and discreet. So, when it comes to choosing the right LED lights for a lighting project, what are the key factors that we need to consider?

In this article we will talk about...

  • The right LED strip light for each space
  • Installing outdoor LED strip lighting in the right place
  • Supplementary outdoor lighting
  • Secom LED strip lights

The right LED strip light for each space

There are many different factors to take into account when choosing LED strip lighting. For example, the number of LEDs per metre, watt consumption levels and voltage. It is also important to know how leak tight the lights are. With RGB or RGBW LED strip lighting, it is possible to change the colour of the lights and create magical moods. However, it is also possible to create a more conventional outdoor illumination feel with multi-coloured LED strip lights that have colour temperature options: warm, cold or neutral.

Outdoor LED strip lighting should preferably have IP65 protection. This ensures that it can withstand humidity, water, wind, cold and heat. A remote-control device is also a great way of managing all the features, particularly when it comes to outdoor installations that are not easy to access. Nowadays, there are even smartphone apps for managing all the lighting parameters.

It is important to ensure that devices are installed correctly during the early stages of project development. There are several options, including adhesive on the LED strip lighting itself and fasteners.
In short, these systems have everything you could possibly need for creating seasonal, discreet and decorative illumination, and there are many easy-to-install and versatile models to choose from.

Installing outdoor LED strip lighting in the right place

LED strip lighting can be installed pretty much anywhere. Prioritising precise measurements before getting started is a key consideration and there must be a suitable, watertight socket within easy reach. Installation can be completed using adhesive strips or fasteners.
Here are just some of the spots in which strip lighting tends to work best:

Paths and transit areas

It is possible to use strip lights to demarcate a path while creating a wonderful effect. They can work beautifully in conjunction with bollards, which come in many different designs.


There is no better way of spending an enjoyable summer’s night than under a well-lit pergola. The finish can be either a combination of colours or just one colour, which is currently a very popular choice.

Zonas de paso tiras led


In large gardens or communal areas, LED lights are perfect for delimiting boundaries. For example, separating the BBQ area from the swimming pool.


LED strip lighting is a great choice when it comes to guiding people from one place to another. It is a practical way of indicating routes between spaces while making use of the ornamental nature of LEDs.

Decorative use

LED strip lighting is frequently used to decorate spaces and give them a romantic, relaxed and rustic feel. It is also suitable for more modern and contemporary environments in outdoor spaces with a more dynamic vibe.

Tiras Led en escaleras

Supplementary outdoor lighting

LED strip lights are largely decorative. They can be used to highlight or create a feature in certain areas and they are often used as supplementary illumination in spaces where there are also other, more powerful luminaires. They can provide direct light above certain areas or boost the light in large outdoor spaces.

There are many ways of optimising all the different combinations and achieving a comprehensive look with customised designs and magnificent finishes. Wall or ceiling lamps can help to highlight or finish certain spaces off, since they create a cosy and more modern feel. They can be fitted to project light upwards, downwards or to the side.

Other options that deliver great results include ceiling lights, spotlights and beacons. There is a vast range of designs to choose from, including lights created to look like torches and candles.

Colores Tiras LED

Secom LED strip lights

Secom has a product for all outdoor LED strip lighting projects. The following are just some of the options:


These outdoor LED strip lights are flexible and can be used for direct or indirect illumination. They are incredibly versatile and easy to install.


This flexible LED strip light with an IP65 leak tightness rating is great for outdoor use. It is very easy to install since it is highly flexible and has an adhesive strip.

When it comes to outdoor LED illumination, there are a number of options, such as RGB outdoor strips.

Outdoor LED strip lighting is easy to use, comes in a range of different colours and can be installed with timers and remote-control devices. It is a great option for mood lighting.

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