RGBW Lighting for Puerta de Hierros in Albacete

By: Secom
21 de November, 2022
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The Puerta de Hierros, or Iron Gate, is an important, emblematic monument in the city of Albacete. Apart from its ornamental nature, this gate is the main entrance to the  historic venue of the city fair.

In this article we will talk about...

  • Puerta de Hierros and Albacete Fair
  • RGBW lighting for Puerta de Hierros in Albacete
  • A tailored technical solution
  • Customised luminaires for the Puerta de Hierros in Albacete
  • Puerta de Hierros in Albacete, a perfect combination of innovation and tradition

Puerta de Hierros and Albacete Fair

Located in the Feria neighbourhood, the monument is 36 metres long and 25 metres high, making it a symbol of the city.

On the night of 7 September every year, the mayor unlocks the gate with the city key, thereby officially opening the Fair of Albacete. The event has been designated of International Tourist Interest, and is one of the oldest fairs in Spain.

RGBW lighting for Puerta de Hierros in Albacete

The aim of the Puerta de Hierros lighting project was to highlight the architectural and structural features of the monument.

We didn’t just want to illuminate the façade, so we opted for RGBW LED technology to take the lighting to the next level. This technology provides the option of using a multitude of colours, dynamic lighting scenarios, different combinations, etc. This enabled us to create a striking effect for this iconic monument.

For a reliable, optimum result, the lights had to be top quality, so the client studied several proposals from different manufacturers, who sent different samples for a night trial.

Iluminación feria Albacete

The trial consisted of installing each brand’s lights at the centre of the Puerta de Hierros for a quick and simple comparison. The results clearly showed that the solution provided by Secom Iluminación gave the best light levels, with an even distribution of light. The client opted to install this solution, designed by a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and with excellent reliability, quality and response time.

A tailored technical solution

This project was quite a challenge for the technical department at Secom Iluminación, as the monument is hugely significant for the city and the lighting needed to show it in all its glory. A technical lighting study was performed, using a scaled 3D model of the Albacete Puerta de Hierros,  including all its ornamental and structural features.

Another unique characteristic of this project was the location and installation of the flood lights, as they had to respect the fixture points and locations of the luminaires. Nevertheless, thanks to the versatility of the luminaires proposed by Secom Iluminación, the technical department was able to find the perfect solution.

In order to reduce light pollution as much as possible, all the lights on the arches and columns were fitted at the top and angled towards the ground.

The construction has 3 arches with columns between them.

The 2 side arches were lit with 29° narrow-beam optics, and the inside fitted with 49° broad-beam optics.

However, as the central arch is higher than the others, we needed a 14° narrow-beam optic to ensure the light reached the bottom.

 Above the central arch there is an architectural feature akin to a small tower. To light this correctly, we used 29° narrow-beam optics, and luminaires with a broader beam of 46° to illuminate the frieze on it.

The narrow columns required a narrower beam of 14°.

For the sides of the central part of the monument we used 80° broad-beam floodlights fitted to the upper part of the roofs over the columns.

Luz puerta de Hierros

Customised luminaires for the Puerta de Hierros in Albacete

For the perfect result, the luminaires had to be of the highest standard, as they would be constantly exposed to the elements and would need to withstand inclement weather.

This meant the luminaires had to have a tightness rating of at least IP66, and a mechanical impact protection rating of at least IK08.

For this reason we chose our Larnik RGBW and Protek RGBW luminaires for this project. As well as meeting all quality and reliability criteria, these luminaires allow colour changes, dynamic and static sequences, and the reduction of luminous flux through DMX communication.

Due to the importance of the monument itself, it was also essential to ensure the luminaires were discreet and easily camouflaged to keep the focus on the Puerta de Hierros itself. To achieve this, we painted the luminaires the same colour as the stone, ensuring they remained unnoticed by passers-by.

A special metal plate was also designed to cover the electrical equipment and cables, hiding them from view to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the monument.

This project was made possible by the versatility of Secom Iluminación, with its manufacturing plant in Spain and dedicated team of professionals who work closely with clients at all times.

Puerta de Hierros in Albacete, a perfect combination of innovation and tradition

The collaboration with Secom Iluminación resulted in a beautifully illuminated Puerta de Hierros, thanks to the company’s technological capacity to customise the design of their luminaires. Today, the Puerta de Hierros in Albacete has greater cultural value as an emblematic monument. It is no longer only a protagonist during the Albacete fair, but can adapt to any festivity or special day throughout the year with different lighting sequences.

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