What is Tuya Smart? All about the lighting control system and how to use it

By: Secom
18 de July, 2022
Reading time: 6 min

Purchasing new, intelligent luminaires is bound to put you in a good mood. The ability to control the colour and intensity of lighting opens up a world of possibilities. However, consumers often end up feeling frustrated with their purchase when they find that, once they have installed their control system, they have to get their heads around complex configuration processes. Secom is all too aware of this issue and, consequently, it has chosen to work with the Tuya Smart app 300 or Tuya Smart Life 200.

In this article we will talk about...

  • The Tuya Smart app
  • Characteristics of Tuya Smart Control
  • The Secom Dylet RGB + CCT luminaire

The Tuya Smart app

Before we get into Tuya Smart 40, let’s take a look at Tuya the company. Tuya is an Internet of things (IoT) company and you will find its logo on many state-of-the-art intelligent luminaires and other smart devices.

It is not a name that tends to ring a bell with the general public, but the company actually owns incredibly advanced products. As advanced, in fact, as the Tuya Smart 30 lightbulb and the Smart Life Tuya 70 and Tuya smart 1600, all of which are highly-valued products.

But what does Tuya actually bring to the table?

Tuya gives us comprehensive and global control of IoT-based automation systems. Let’s focus here on their role in the world of luminaires, most of which have LED-based technology. The control systems themselves deliver a huge range of possibilities in terms of light temperature and colour control.

But we must keep in mind that, on the whole, the systems for getting LEDs to work just how we want them to are complex. Getting them to respond to set patterns or to interact with other smart devices, such as the mobile phones we all carry around with us, is not easy at all.

Tuya App Texto
But this is where Tuya comes in. As the app has progressed, it has become a spectacular means of controlling RGB and CCT colour systems.

We’ll take a closer look at RGB and CCT luminaires a bit further on but, for the time being, let’s just keep in mind that the Tuya app can do amazing things, such as adapting luminaires to ambient noise using the microphone on your mobile phone.

And this is just one example of what Tuya can do. There are many other functions and all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, connected to the network. In combination with smart luminaires, what you end up with is a means of absolute control.

Characteristics of Tuya Smart Control

There is no shortage of apps that can turn the lights in our house off and on, but none of them have the vast range of options that Tuya has.

But before we go any further, let’s take a look at RBG and CCT luminaires. RGB luminaires use primary colours and combine them to create alternating lights of myriad hues. CCT luminaires, meanwhile, can alter light temperature from cold to warm.

Tuya App qué esSome models combine both systems. Ultimately, this means you have the option of choosing alternating colour patterns and light temperatures.

This is not uncommon in certain types of premises, but only a small number of homes have so far managed to make the most of this possibility. Essentially, we are talking about relaxing or invigorating ambient lighting that can promote physical and emotional well-being.

The Tuya app options:

  • A spectrum of 16 million colours to choose from, thanks to precise control of RGB systems
  • Control of the temperature of all light systems to create singular moods
  • Adjustment of lights to match the ambient noise in rooms using smart device microphones
  • Light patterns to match ambient music using smart device microphones
  • A timer to activate or deactivate predetermined RGB and CCT lights and patterns
  • 20 predetermined moods
  • Control over groups of several luminaires or just a single setting adapted to each space

There are so many advantages, and all you have to do is configure Tuya Smart 40. Keep in mind that the app works with Android and iOS systems and there are just six configuration steps:

  • Open the app and select the ‘Add device’ option
  • Select the LED strip (Wi-Fi) option
  • Select the corresponding Wi-Fi network for the luminaire
  • Reset luminaires by turning them off and on
  • The app takes a few minutes to search for the luminaire

Tuya APP Características

The Secom Dylet RGB + CCT luminaire

Dylet RGB + CCT is one of the smart luminaire systems that you can control using the Tuya app and we have already seen the advantages of RGB and CCT systems. This new Secom design means that it is possible to combine all the colours and levels that come with the LED.

The recessed fixture is 110.5 mm wide by 60 mm deep.

In conjunction with the Tuya app, the system can change colours to create relaxing or vibrant moods, as preferred, and programme lights to work in a specific way for a specific time.

Don’t forget that devices that are compatible with Tuya Smart 20 include smart speakers with the Alexa or Google Assistant. By connecting the Dylet RGB + CCT to the Tuya app and with the support of a device that employs these virtual assistants, you can control your lighting with voice commands.

Without a doubt, tools such as Tuya Smart App 300 are here to make controlling luminaires easier and simpler for all of us.

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