The Protek Q2 City Optical LED: Secom’s most comprehensive urban illumination system

By: Secom
5 de February, 2021
Reading time: 3 min

We are proud to present the updated version of our Protek Q2 City Optical LED light fixture. Thanks to an amalgamation of design, research, innovation, efficiency and functionality, this revised urban illumination solution meets the demands of a wide range of spotlighting and illumination needs in spacious environments.


The new Secom floodlight takes the specifications of the traditional model to a new level altogether. It is incredibly flexible and can adapt perfectly to all kinds of surface applications thanks to homogeneous light distribution plus excellent efficiency and light projection in a range of different environments. It uses different degrees of openness and symmetries to good advantage and its latest-generation semiconductors give this light fixture top tier levels of performance.



In addition, the Protek Q2 City Optical LED stands out for its robustness and resistance since it is manufactured from 3mm injected aluminium and has an IK08 polycarbonate closure that lets through an optimum amount of light.

This light fixture adapts to contemporary needs and, thanks to its specifications and the advantages of Secom LED technology, it is up to 31% more efficient than standard models.

It is compatible with the Secom SENET intelligent lighting system.


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