Protek Q1: a versatile floodlight made from cutting-edge materials

By: Javier
14 de July, 2022
Reading time: 6 min

The Protek Q1 is a high-performance floodlight with excellent lighting efficiency levels up to 153 lm/W. It is elegant and compact, making it the ideal choice for installation in a wide range of places. Plus, its lightweight characteristics mean the Protek Q1 is quick and easy to install.

In this article we will talk about...

  • Protek Q1: key characteristics
  • Suitable places for installation
  • A choice of optics
  • Other SECOM floodlights

Protek Q1: key characteristics

The Protek Q1 employs LED technology and has magnificent qualities including excellent levels of performance, resistance and adaptability, as detailed below.


The Protek Q1 works well in all types of facilities, including buildings that accommodate large crowds, and outdoor spaces. This state-of-the-art floodlight has several different features, of which the safety diodes are one of the most noteworthy. They avoid damage to the light if there is a power surge. It also has a system to ensure that the electric current runs throughout the entire circuit, even if there is a failure in an LED light.

State-of-the-art materials

The state-of-the-art materials that are used to manufacture the Protek Q1 are another of its advantages. The frame is made from aluminium that is die-cast at high pressure and has a powder coat finish.

IP66 (high-level ingress protection)

The Protek Q1 has an IP66 ingress protection grading. As such, it is completely resistant to dust and can withstand high-power, direct jets of water.

Protek Q1 frontal

Anti-condensation depressor valve

The anti-condensation depressor valve feature protects the floodlight from the damage that is caused by excessive humidity. It does so by avoiding a build-up of condensation inside the floodlight.


The range of optics mean that the light has several different options, which are key to its versatility. It is the reason why it can adapt to the requirements of practically any lighting project.

Suitable places for installation

There are many different places in which this luminaire can be installed and it is sure to perform magnificently, no matter what the location. Some of the most common uses are indicated below.


The Protek Q1 floodlight is great for façades because it is powerful and easy to install. Since it does not need regular maintenance work, fitting it in high, difficult-to-reach spots does not become a problem. Furthermore, extreme climate conditions are not an issue. It is manufactured from top-quality materials that guarantee great results in even the most demanding environments.

Tunnels and bridges

Tunnel and bridge illumination is very challenging. The quality of this floodlight and the range of features mean that it is perfect for guaranteeing driver safety and comfort in these locations.


There is a choice of optics and the robust nature of this floodlight ensures that it cannot be vandalised.

Industrial buildings

The Protek Q1 ensures worker safety and visibility, which positively impacts performance in the workplace.

Protek Q1 detalle

Roundabouts and junctions

The luminaire is perfect for areas with dense traffic, such as roundabouts and junctions. Avoiding glare and providing just the right amount of light to help avoid accidents is key to making these sections of our road networks function.

Ornamental uses

It is also perfect for making special locations stand out and look their best.

A choice of optics

There are up to seven different optics to choose from, which means there are many different ways of distributing the light symmetrically and asymmetrically. As such, it is perfect for all kinds of lighting projects, no matter how demanding.

Other SECOM floodlights

SECOM has a wide range of lighting products to suit every need and create the ambience that users are looking for. These floodlights are just some of the options:

  • Esdium Pro HE: an LED technology industrial floodlight that is suitable for any location where exceptional lighting solutions are a must.
  • Kusto N1: an LED device for industrial purposes that performs magnificently indoors and outdoors.

SECOM has many different floodlights and the Protek Q1 is one of its most versatile.

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