Project Secom: Ciudad de los Niños de Cabra

By: Secom
26 de January, 2023
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‘Ciudad de los Niños’, or ‘Kids’ Town’, in Cabra is more than just a simple playground. It is a place fully dedicated to play, and fun times with the family. Imagination and fantasy converge to inspire children with a whole host outdoor activities. The ‘town’ is equipped with all manner of swings, slides and a range of innovative installations that encourage physical exercise and fun. It also boasts well-maintained areas with colourful, life-size models of animals, fairy-tale characters and famous superheroes.

In this article we will talk about...

  • Versatility of LED luminaires to adapt to any situation
  • Final results. A good solution

This means it is not only children who enjoy their time at the park, but also adults who can soak in the magical atmosphere and take a trip down memory lane. A visit to this park is an unforgettable experience from the moment you pass through the gate.

Versatility of LED luminaires to adapt to any situation

The challenge of this project was lighting a public park that was completely different from what you would expect to find in a town. The park is full of play areas, playground apparatus, large areas of grass, paths, etc.

Furthermore, only use one type of luminaire could be used to light the whole park. A luminaire was needed that could adapt to the requirements of each area.

The chosen luminaire had to be semi-spherical and fitted to a post with a diameter of 60 mm at the point where it was fixed to the ground. Constant exposure to the weather meant the luminaires also had to be high quality to fully optimise the lighting installation. As well as being round, the luminaires had to have a watertightness and dust-tightness rating of at least IP65.  They also needed an impact protection rating of at least to IK08. Given all these requirements, the choice was made to use luminaires from SECOM ILUMINACIÓN. Apart from being one of the largest manufacturers of luminaires in Spain, their 30+ years of experience in the sector demonstrates their reliability, meaning they were the ideal choice for lighting this emblematic park.

Ciudad de los niños de Cabra

Taking all these requirements into consideration, the RIPA LED was chosen as the perfect option. As a bonus, this luminaire boasts a curved glass cover that increases its resistance to mechanical impact from below, giving it the advantage over other brands’ luminaires. The protective paint used on the housing also prevents weather damage.

As previously mentioned, the luminaire needed to be installed on a variety of surfaces in different areas, meaning it needed to be adaptable. The decision was made to use secondary optics that would allow the beam of light to be directed to the right areas, thereby avoiding any wasting energy and increasing energy efficiency.

The result was the following:

  • On the paths we installed an asymmetric optic that emitted light sideways to ensure paths were evenly lit. This allowed us to maximise the distance between luminaires, meaning fewer lights were needed for an optimised, customised installation.
  • In open spaces, such as grass areas, paved areas and areas of stone chippings, a broad-beam symmetrical optic was used to cover a large area 360º around the post.
  • For the smaller playground and rest areas, the luminaires lined the paths, so we wanted the light to be projected forwards. To do this we used luminaires with a front-facing asymmetric optic.

Toboganes ciudad de los niños Cabra

Final results. A good solution

As you have seen, the advantages of LED technology mean it is now possible to adapt the same model of luminaire to a wide variety of different situations, achieving optimal results.

In this specific case, the park benefits from the advantages of LED technology, as the RIPA LED luminaire by SECOM ILUMINACIÓN uses the very latest LEDs to ensure the best possible performance while ensuring a longer life than luminaires with older, obsolete technology. This translates into more energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, guaranteeing an installation with an excellent overall energy rating.

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