Parque Encinar residential development, Boadilla del Monte

By: Secom
16 de March, 2023
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Parque Encinar is a residential development comprising 65 houses in a unique setting. It includes recreational areas, a playground, sports grounds, communal gardens, private gardens and a large shared pool. The development is strategically located just 25 km from Madrid. This is a fast-growing area with many leisure and service opportunities.

In this article we will talk about...

  • Parque Encinar residential development
  • Lighting communal areas in the Boadilla del Monte residential development

The development and construction company in charge of this project required products that met the highest quality and reliability standards. They eventually opted for Secom Iluminación lights for the outdoor lighting project.

Lighting communal areas in the Boadilla del Monte residential development

The residential complex is architecturally designed as different spaces and communal areas, which required different lighting systems tailored to specific needs in each case.

For vehicle access and transit areas, PROTEK LED floodlights adapted to street lighting were chosen. These are very versatile floodlights with an optimised design based on  SECOM’s eralight system® technology and a choice of 8 optics, the ideal solution for the project’s requirements.

For pedestrian zones, such as gardens and entrances to houses, a combination of bollard lights and street lights were used. One example is AURIS LED, which, due to its excellent photometric performance, can be installed low to the ground, avoiding trees and preventing intrusive lights from shining into homes. Its low level of glare makes it the perfect solution for these spaces.

Urbanización Boadilla iluminación LED

PIKUK LED floodlights were chosen for the decorative garden lighting. They are spike lights designed to be placed directly in the ground and can be rotated to direct the light as necessary.

Finally, flexible LED strip lights were used to highlight the outline of trees, creating a beautiful, contemporary ambience.

All of these systems meet the owner’s specifications, are rated IP65 and are made from first-class, high-performance materials.

Mapa urbanización iluminación LED

The luminaires supplied by Secom Iluminación, a Spanish manufacturer with 30+ years of experience in the sector, ensured that regulations were fulfilled, the highest quality standards were met and turnaround times were quick. They also guarantee high energy efficiency, contributing to the well-being of the residents.

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