The ins and outs of lighting in food shops

By: Secom
23 de December, 2022
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If we employ just the right types of lights around the food displayed in shops, we can help to make produce look much more appealing and appetising. By grabbing consumer attention, food shop owners can reap the benefits of making their goods look as attractive and fresh as possible.

In this article we will talk about...

  • The advantages of lights designed especially for food
  • A light for each type of food
  • Supermarket and food lights by SECOM

They can boost sales simply by making articles such as meat, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables stand out.

The advantages of lights designed especially for food

It is almost impossible to make food products look good if they are displayed on poorly-lit shelves. Therefore, it is so important to use lights that have been designed specifically with fish, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetable retail in mind. The same applies to bakeries and cake shops.

Successful supermarkets are well-versed in this lighting technique. LED lights positioned around the food in shops afford shop owners excellent results and can help to generate financial savings.

Boosting sales

If we position the correct type of lights around food, we can help boost sales because an appropriate atmosphere encourages shoppers to make a purchase. Customers feel welcome and can see the produce on display. Lights guide shoppers around grocery-store and supermarket shelves, stands and racks, making them feel at ease as they go about their food shop and enhancing their relationship with the store. The lights in shops are one of the key factors in customer well-being. They help to keep consumers inside shops for longer, which increases the chances of them making a purchase.

LED luminaires are a great choice. They help to create contrasts between light and dark, and make certain spots in shops look more vibrant, fun and welcoming. This makes it easier to draw consumer attention towards important shop sections.

Iluminación en supermercados

Avoiding damaged goods

Certain products withstand the impact of light better than others. Some vegetables, for example, ripen quickly if there is a great deal of light shining on them. The same applies to certain meats and fish, which tend to turn brown.

So, when we position lights above fresh food products, it is very important to ensure that they emit as little heat as possible. LED luminaires are the best option because they are adaptable, resistant and easy to install, making them perfect for supermarkets and grocery shops.

A light for each type of food

There are various types of lights to choose from depending on the products that we intend to put on our shop shelves. Cheeses need to be lit using a white, neutral light. It makes them look more appetising and encourages shoppers to buy them. But there are many different styles on the market; the options are endless! It is possible to use a single display for a range of products which can be swapped around depending on the day or season. This is made easy by installing lighting solutions that can change colour tone as needed.


Meat looks its best under a white light with a hint of pink or red. It enhances reddish tones and makes produce look fresh and perfect for consumption. Once again, lights should not have too much of an impact on the products.

The aim is to avoid oxidation of the myoglobin or pigment in the meat. When this happens, meat does not look appealing and reddish tones take on an unattractive brown colour. Consumers tend to think that this is the meat beginning to decompose and, consequently, choose not to buy it.


Fish and seafood look best under a cold, white light which makes them look fresh and perfect for consumption. These lights make fish look as though it has come straight from the fish market because the colours and textures are bright and shiny.

Baked goods

Bread and baked goods need a warm, white light that is reminiscent of the products themselves. It shows off their natural colour and makes them look appetising.

Iluminación para frutas y hortalizas

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables need a neutral, white light. It is important to remember that these products are very sensitive to light and can begin to look unappealing if they are left under luminaires for too long. They should certainly not be exposed to very strong light.

There are also some general considerations to account for in terms of colour temperature.

Supermarket and food lights by SECOM

At SECOM, we have many LED lights that are ideal for supermarkets and grocers. They afford shop owners excellent results. Additionally, they can generate savings of around 80% compared with conventional lighting systems.

  • Allur: a suspended interior luminaire with a modern and attractive design that can emit indirect light. It employs the very latest in LEDs.
  • Lartub: designed for use indoors and can be fitted onto or suspended from ceilings.
  • Minicom: a recessed luminaire for use in retail spaces.
  • Aliket Basic: a continuous line illumination system for retail spaces.
  • Boxter: an indoor floodlight.
  • Loop Supra: a very efficient luminaire with great features that is fitted as a recessed light.
  • Twin: a suspended light.

These LED luminaires can deliver efficient lighting solutions for all the food products in any shop. When produce looks its best and most appealing, customers are more likely to add it to their shopping trolley. Given its features, resistance and energy-saving properties, LED technology can play an important role. There are many different options to choose from and, at SECOM, we can customise them to suit each point of sale.

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