Secom Lighting the façade of Almuñécar Town Hall

By: Secom
30 de August, 2022
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The town of Almuñécar sits on the coast of the province of Granada (Spain) in the region known as the Costa Granadina, or Costa Tropical. Beyond its beautiful landscapes and incredible beaches, Almuñécar holds an allure for history buffs. Its archaeological and monumental heritage – think Phoenician, Roman and Arabic sites – makes it one of the most important tourism destinations in Andalusia.

In this article we will talk about...

  • LED RGBW technology for the Town Hall façade. A winning choice!
  • A tailored solution for Almuñécar
  • Final result. RGBW lighting adapted to any situation

Almuñécar may be steeped in history, but the Town Hall has an eye to the future and the latest technology. In fact, it has installed a latest generation LED RGBW lighting system on its main outer wall.

LED RGBW technology for the Town Hall façade. A winning choice!

The luminaires for lighting the façade of this town hall building had to be top quality to avoid maintenance costs and sudden faults. LED technology was the perfect solution. It is way ahead of older and obsolete technologies, providing more light while significantly reducing energy costs. And, it has a useful life of up to 100,000 hours.

However, the lighting system needed more than just good quality luminaires. In that sense, a lighting study analysed the technical viability of the system in addition to the aesthetic effects. LED technology has a range of advantages, such as its compatibility with a series of accessories including secondary optics and adjustable drivers that make for a more versatile system. Other lighting technology simply cannot keep up.

Fachada ayuntamiento Almuñecar

A tailored solution for Almuñécar

The expert team at Secom Iluminación conducted a detailed lighting study to find the ideal solution that would surpass the Town Hall’s expectations and meet all the aesthetic specifications and requirements.

One single type of luminaire would not make the grade; the solution had to combine various types of luminaires with different outputs and beam apertures.

The analysis of the façade identified one access point delimited by two arches supported by columns, as well as various pillars, balconies and windows, all of which required individual lighting.

For the access zone, the team specified three linear luminaires from the Larnik LED range, each a metre long and with a rating of 50W. Each fixture has a beam aperture of 46°, allowing the entire roof to be bathed in light while providing pleasing indirect lighting for people entering the building.

The team wanted to emphasise the pillars in a linear manner across the entire structure and opted to install the luminaires on the border between the ground and first floors. Some of the devices should focus vertically upwards while others should focus in the opposite direction.


The Protek LED with a rating of 50W was a great choice. Being close to the ground, the power rating need not be excessively high since there is a smaller surface to light. A beam aperture of 80° helped achieve a great lighting and aesthetic result. The upper section the building needed a more powerful luminaire and an intensive beam to light the pillar all the way to the top. Here, the team chose the 285W Esdium LED with symmetrical beam aperture of 11°. These luminaires are installed roughly 4 meters above the ground on a moveable mounting which not only aids the installation process but means the luminaire can be rotated to optimise the luminous flux and redirect the beam as needed.

Fachada Almuñecar

The windows and balconies required a more diffuse and uniform solution for this relatively small lit surface. For that reason, linear luminaires from the Larnik LED range were a suitable choice. The double balcony on the first floor was equipped with three 1m-long 50W Larnik LED luminaires with a symmetrical beam aperture of 46° to reach a wider area. The single windows and balconies required just one unit from the same range, situated inside the balcony in the lintel to produce focussed lighting and create an elegant and modern feel.

Lastly, we come to the uppermost part of the building complete with an analogue clock and a bell. For these unique features, the team opted for three 50W Larnik LED luminaires with a beam aperture of 46°, installed directly on the façade to provide vertical upwards lighting.

All the luminaires are white to blend in and preserve the aesthetic of the façade, since all eyes should be on the building itself, not the lighting fixtures.

All the luminaires are equipped with an RGBW LED lighting system that can generate different effects with real-time changes in light colour and intensity – in individual luminaires or groups of devices – via DMX.

Final result. RGBW lighting adapted to any situation

With the LED technology provided by Secom Iluminación, Almuñécar Town Hall now has versatile, efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting that is one step ahead of conventional façade lighting systems. The colour of the light from the luminaires can be varied to create dynamic effects, including changing the colours on the façade to align with regional festivities, commemorative colours or other important days and events, such as World Breast Cancer Day or International LGBT Pride Day.

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