Lighting in dental practices

By: Secom
22 de February, 2022
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The lighting in a dental practice ensures the dentist can see properly while they work. It can also help make the patient feel comfortable. What are the specific requirements for the luminaires in a dental practice?

In this article we will talk about...

  • The importance of proper lighting in a dental practice
  • The different areas of a dental practice
  • Features of lighting for dental practices
  • SECOM luminaires

The importance of proper lighting in a dental practice

Dentists need excellent visibility to do their jobs, and while areas such as the reception or waiting room can be lit with warm, soothing tones, the surgery itself requires sufficient lighting to enable precision dentistry inventions.

The right lighting technology can not only soothe and reassure patients but ensure optimal working conditions for the specialists treating them.

The different areas of a dental practice

The lighting in a dental practice can be split into different areas:


This area gives the patient their first impression of the practice. Warm and welcoming tones are therefore important here. Depending on the available space, recessed LED panels, either hanging or installed on surfaces, are the best solution.

Downlights are another option if the practice has floating ceilings, as are recessed ceiling lights.

A series of auxiliary luminaires can complement the ambient lighting and support the work of the staff at reception. 


Since this is where the dentist actually works, this area requires a highly specific system that provides sufficient visibility and high-quality light. Shadows and glare must be prevented as these can hinder the dentist’s work. One great solution is to install LED panels that emit light towards the cool end of the colour temperature range.

Iluminación dentista

Common areas

All visitors to the practice should be able to navigate hallways and shared areas in a functional, professional manner without the risk of falls or collisions. LED luminaires in neutral tones are the perfect choice here; the light they emit is very similar to natural light.

Motion sensors can improve energy efficiency and save on bills. The luminaires are only activated when a person is detected in the hallway, for example.

Features of lighting for dental practices

The lighting in a dental practice is crucial for enabling dentists to carry out precision work. Dental procedures are often complex – the right luminaires can help combat visual fatigue and improve the comfort of patients and staff.

Colour temperature

The colour temperature is right if it supports the dental treatments being provided. Around 5500 K – at the cool end of the scale – provides the clarity that dentists need to provide an optimal service. Adjustable LED panels can be adapted to the needs of each patient.

Energy efficiency and savings

LED technology facilitates high energy efficiency and cost savings, especially when combined with motion detection systems.

Iluminar el dentista


Lighting devices need to be adjustable and dimmable to suit different situations. The versatility of LED luminaires in terms of their installation and dimming features makes them a great choice in that regard.

Preventing visual fatigue

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important roles of the lighting in a dental surgery. The devices should ideally be dimmable and create a comfortable atmosphere with no blinking.

SECOM luminaires

SECOM has an array of luminaires that meet the requirements mentioned above. Here are a few that we recommend.

  • Eslim UGR<19. This indoor screen with LED technology is perfect for work areas and is equipped with glare control.
  • Cubic. A recessable LED panel that provides uniform, comfortable lighting.
  • Loop Supra. This recessable luminaire is ideal when constant light is needed. Its UGR<17 rating means it prevents glare.
  • Aircom Range. This LED luminaire is highly energy efficient and provides low-level uniform light with low glare.

The lighting in a dental practice has a huge impact on the quality of the service patients receive. The right choice of luminaires supports patient wellbeing and helps dentists to provide precision interventions.

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