LED lighting on stairs

By: Secom
24 de August, 2022
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When it comes to lighting staircases, there is no set rule of how to go about it, but the fact that these structures play a key role in how people transit between spaces means that they do need to meet several technical requirements. Functionality simply must take precedence but, in staircase lighting projects, there are also a number of other challenges to address. For example, achieving the right look in addition to the correct balance between energy consumption and energy efficiency.

In this article we will talk about...

  • Using LED lights
  • The differences between indoor and outdoor staircases
  • Types of luminaires
  • Secom luminaires

Stairs can often be a key focal point in homes, offices and other buildings and staircase illumination must facilitate access between spaces.

Using LED lights

When it comes to staircases, there are a number of basic recommendations, starting with safety and providing enough light so that people can see properly. A simple step in the wrong place could turn into a nasty fall. There are some great features to LED lights, including durability and excellent performance levels. They are ideal for all areas that need to be lit up for several hours a day, including stairs. However, there are also other considerations to take into account.

Enhancing shapes

Choosing precisely where to fit luminaires is an important part of any indoor or outdoor staircase illumination project. Lights can be fitted above, on or below steps and it is also possible to combine ceiling and wall fixtures with LED strip lights along the handrail. The desired effect can be achieved by making careful choices and designing projects with care. By thinking everything through, it is possible to enhance features and achieve a spectacular overall look.

Iluminación de escaleras


Visibility is essential and it can be achieved by fitting luminaires along staircase walls or choosing one of the many excellent LED strip lights and fitting them on each step. In addition to creating a magnificent effect, devices that are fitted onto steps provide excellent illumination without any glare. Accessories should be hidden away but have an easy access option for maintenance purposes. Achieving optimum visibility involves planning illumination systems in the early days of construction and working with architects is a good way of achieving the desired effect.

The right light for each space

Whether staircase illumination is exterior or interior, choosing the right light for each space is fundamental. It involves accounting for the architectural features of the building, plus the shape, height and depth of each step, the size of the overhang, and so on.


LED staircase lighting is an excellent option because it is resistant, performs well and has low consumption levels. Motion sensors provide ease of use and deliver energy savings by turning lights on when people are present and turning them off after a set time.

Sections of staircases

Each part of a staircase provides a lighting opportunity. For example, the rail, handrail or balustrade. Other options include the tread, riser and landing.

Iluminación en escaleras interiores

The differences between indoor and outdoor staircases

In addition to simply illuminating a space and brightening it up, the luminaires on indoor staircases can help create the right mood.

The situation outdoors, however, is quite different. For example, the required output is higher and practical concerns take precedence over aesthetic ones. In comparison with lamps, which tend to be used indoors, beacon lights are a popular choice.

Types of luminaires

When it comes to stairs, there are many different types of luminaires to choose from. Here are just some examples:

Surface lights

These fixtures are practical but also bring a designer touch to any installation. There are several different types, including wall lamps, ceiling lights and spotlights, all of which are also designed to be very functional.

Tipos de iluminación escaleras

LED strip lighting

LED strip lights are among the most versatile options on the market. They are perfect for creating a cosy, yet modern feel. They can be fitted onto walls, handrails, steps and even ceilings. They come in a range of different colours which can be turned off and on to create the desired effect.

Secom luminaires

Secom has a wide range of LED luminaires that are perfect for staircase lighting projects. Here is just a selection of some of the available options:


A surface indoor LED system.


The original solution with a light beam regulation system.


Decorative LED strip lighting available in white, RGBW and CCT.

These and other products provide a huge range of possibilities for staircase lighting projects, putting the perfect combination between functionality, safety, energy savings and aesthetics within our reach.

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