Innvictum Sport Light System: quite possibly the best floodlight in the world

By: Secom
25 de January, 2021
Reading time: 5 min

The illumination in sports facilities plays an essential role in ensuring that spectators enjoy the best possible experience. The lighting needs in the industry are particularly demanding and the kind of illumination used and how it is optimised have an impact on players’ performance and on how spectators view the event.

INNVICTUM, the new, high-power floodlight by SECOM, was developed as a means of meeting the demands of national and international organisms; televised competitions; and training and amateur sports facilities. It was the company’s firm intention to provide the best possible level of performance whilst taking into account all the different needs of sporting disciplines of all kinds.

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INNVICTUM has an outstanding adjustment system that can be set to suit all kinds of lighting needs, making flawless uniformity on playing fields possible, irrespective of the conditions. Its optics system means that it can be easily adjusted to meet the demanding luminosity needs of sub-optimal locations and facilities.


Characteristics and specifications

When we say that INNVICTUM is quite possibly the best floodlight in the world, we do so with the knowledge that its composition and limitless ability to adapt to facilities and situations of all kinds are proof of this.

Don’t believe us? Then find out more about what makes INNVICTUM so special:

  • Each module of the new SECOM sports facility floodlight can be individually adjusted and controlled. This means that it can be adapted to suit the needs of playing fields and facilities of all kinds, making it suitable for sports matches and other events such as shows.
  • INNVICTUM technology is perfect for 4K transmission of images through a CRI score in excess of 95 and it has excellent anti-flicker power supply units.


  • It is an incredibly flexible and durable floodlight that is easy to install and position in precisely the right spot thanks to its independent, pivoting modules with a laser beam option and its rotational base.
  • Manufactured from high-performance injected aluminium with a reinforced PMMA seal and extra-strong bracket, INNVICTUM is one of the most robust and durable floodlights on the market and capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.
  • INNVICTUM can maximise illumination in the required spot and, in doing so, limit light scattering and avoid glare, in addition to reducing any associated light pollution. If to this we add the fact that INNVICTUM’s maintenance costs are incredibly low, this floodlight generates huge savings in energy and other outgoings.
  • It is a comprehensive solution for sports facilities of all kinds. INNVICTUM gives outstanding results across all kinds of facilities and circumstances including football stadiums, indoor multi-use sports halls, multi-sport stadiums, tennis and padel courts, athletics tracks, racing tracks and golf courses.



In short, the new SECOM INNVICTUM floodlight has been designed to rise to all sports illumination challenges and demands of the future. It is a versatile and robust solution designed to meet the needs and requirements of sports facilities of all kinds and it comes with absolute guarantees.



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