Energy efficiency

11 min
Intelligent lighting is becoming part of the Internet of Things, and it’s a boon for smart cities given the increasingly important role of energy efficiency. Not only does it generate energy savings for smart cities, it reduces excess artificial light. Read on to discover the main benefits of intelligent lighting. Read the full article ›
5 min
All plants that live on Earth need sunlight to germinate, grow and bear fruit. The Sun emits radiation with wavelengths of between 280 and 2800 nm. Read the full article ›
8 min
The artificial illumination on sports facilities such as padel courts is governed by the technical criteria and requirements of the sport’s regulations. Read the full article ›
10 min
The illumination on football pitches plays an essential role in night matches. Spectator experience depends largely on how well the lighting system has been set up. Read the full article ›