The Braga private Hospital project

By: Secom
23 de February, 2022
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Trofa Saúde Braga Centro private hospital in Braga, Portugal, opened in 2015 to provide the local area with new and larger facilities that could contend with the huge increase in demand.

In this article we will talk about...

  • A perfect balance between illumination and efficiency inside the hospital
  • A perfect solution for each area
  • Secom Iluminación: pursuing innovation and technology.

The hospital has six floors and some of its key features include how bright and light it is, the generous size of its wards and, above all, its devices equipped with avant-garde technology. This means that Trofa Saúde Braga Centro Hospital can guarantee singular and integrated solutions for all kinds of needs.

Right from the outset of the project and before construction had even begun, the hospital chose to use LED illumination. It needed top-quality luminaires that would allow the hospital to do its job and guarantee compliance with existing legislation. The proprietors commissioned the job of manufacturing and supplying luminaires to SECOM ILUMINACIÓN.

A perfect balance between illumination and efficiency inside the hospital

In hospitals, the huge demands of the work and the fact that patients and healthcare personnel generate a constant flow of traffic mean that lights are left on 24 hours a day and lighting installations simply have to come with all the necessary guarantees.

Luces restaurante hospital de Braga

All the luminaries that were installed at the private hospital in Braga were equipped with LED technology. It is the perfect illumination option in these cases because of the advantages it has over conventional technology. These are just some of them:

  • Service life. The luminaires at Braga private hospital are equipped with the best quality LEDS on the market which can guarantee a service life in excess of 50,000 hours. This significantly decreases maintenance costs and ensures that interruptions to and interferences with daily life at the hospital are kept to a minimum.
  • Energy efficiency. With Secom Iluminación luminaires, it is possible to achieve the highest possible illumination level with limited energy consumption. In addition to providing all the light that a hospital needs, they also save energy and, naturally, this also saves money. This is a huge advantage for Braga private hospital.
  • Adaptability to all types of surfaces. Another of the advantages of installing Secom Iluminación luminaires in Braga private hospital was their ability to adapt to all kinds of surfaces. The design of the hospital building meant that, for a range of different reasons, the luminaires needed to come in surface and recessed lighting formats. This would facilitate installation and make them suitable for use in all kinds of areas.
  • Visual comfort. One of the most important aspects of illumination projects in hospitals is the need to create a variety of very well-lit spaces that guarantee visual comfort for users. With this in mind, Secom Iluminación installed a range of luminaries with opal closures. They limit glare at all times and have an anti-flicker driver to remove micro flickers.

Iluminación hospitales Braga

A perfect solution for each area

As is generally the case in hospitals, Braga private hospital has a number of different areas and each has its own specific characteristics and features. Consequently, the facilities require a range of different luminaires with just the right colour temperature and power to meet all the lighting requirements in the building and comply with existing regulations. Not all areas need to be lit in the same way and they do not all have the same needs.

  • The outdoor entrance to the hospital. Surface luminaires were a must because of the characteristics of the ceiling. Round, surface downlights were the right choice of luminaire in this case. It was possible to install them without having to make any changes to the ceiling while, at the same time, complementing the general aesthetics of the area and adding a decorative touch. The KIPO LED was the luminaire of choice. It has an IP6 watertightness index, making it perfect for withstanding the elements.

Exterior del Hospital de Braga

  • Reception. Inside the hospital, we fitted several circular recessed downlights. This arrangement provides optimum illumination and complements the aesthetics of the circular luminaries on the outside. We chose Aircom LED lights and their technical and aesthetic characteristics were a perfect match.



  • Corridors. Round, recessed downlights were also used in the corridors. In this case, the installation was optimised to comply with existing regulations. The number of luminaires was kept to a minimum to optimise conditions and decrease the installed power. From both a lighting and decor perspective, the Aircom family of products were the best choice.

Zona de tratamiento Hospital de Braga

  • Wards. When it came to the wards at Braga hospital, we installed round and square recessed downlights with a 4,000K colour temperature. These lights create a very pleasant ambience for patients and healthcare personnel. There is no glare or any other phenomenon that could run the risk of disturbing patients as they rest or doctors and nurses as they go about their work.
  • Staff rooms and common rooms. In these areas, we used round and square Aircom LED downlights with a 4,000K colour temperature, similar to the ones used on the wards. The ambience that is achieved with these lights suits the purpose of the rooms.
  • Canteen. Given the size of the canteen, the luminaires in this area needed to provide more light than in other areas of the hospital. We fitted 600x600mm and 1200x300mm recessed LED panels to achieve this. With these panels, it is possible to cover a greater surface area while maintaining average illumination levels and retaining elevated light uniformity. Boxter track luminaires were also used to highlight certain areas of the canteen. These luminaires are incredibly versatile because they can be oriented as needed and are also very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Rooms for examinations and medical tests. The rooms that doctors use to carry out all types of examinations and tests are some of the key areas in the hospital. We installed two types of Aircom LED recessed downlights: round and square lights depending on the technical and aesthetic characteristics of each space. Since these luminaires are such excellent quality products, the rooms are very well lit and patients and medical staff do not experience visual discomfort.

Secom Iluminación: pursuing innovation and technology

Technological innovation and quality are just two of the key characteristics of the products supplied by Spanish luminaire manufacturer Secom Iluminación.

It was thanks to this that the lighting installations at Braga private hospital were such a huge success and patients and personnel were very pleased with the outcome. We truly admire and support them and would like to send them our very best wishes.

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