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By: Secom
20 de September, 2022
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Office lighting options have evolved over the years and these changes have always been motivated by a pursuit of perfect lighting conditions. Updates have included new technologies, such as LED lights, upgraded features and enhanced energy efficiency.

In this article we will talk about...

  • Types of office lighting
  • The importance of combining LEDs and natural light
  • The most useful types of luminaires
  • Control and adjustment
  • Secom products

Office lighting options have evolved over the years and these changes have always been motivated by a pursuit of perfect lighting conditions. Updates have included new technologies, such as LED lights, upgraded features and enhanced energy efficiency.

Types of office lighting

People often spend several hours a day in office buildings. Therefore, strategic planning to address exactly what illumination these individuals require is a must. Selecting and fitting exactly the right types of luminaires can be hugely beneficial for employees and can even optimise productivity. Good lighting strategies ultimately have a positive impact on employee wellness and favour healthy vision. Indirectly, they can even foster productivity and boost motivation levels, and they also have a positive impact on absenteeism.

Optimum results can be achieved through a creative and functional combination of the types of lights outlined in this article.

Tipos de luz oficinas


General office lighting should shed light across the entire space. It can consist of recessed downlights or LED panels, which ensure that the light across the whole office space is uniform and direct.

These lights avoid harsh contrasts and shadows. In fact, they can guarantee appropriate illumination even if there are changes to how furniture is arranged, which means that companies save having to adapt existing networks of luminaires each time there are alterations to the office layout.


LEDs in offices can be perfect for providing more intense and focused light. These fixtures tend to be fitted around specific office spaces such as desks and meeting tables.

They can be suspended or fitted onto rails and they project light right across a specific area.


Decorative illumination is also an important part of office lighting projects. Whether the look of choice is classic, contemporary or avant-garde, decorative luminaires convey a feeling that the space has been given due consideration from an interior design perspective. They generally provide warm light and create a cosy and stylish ambience.

Iluminacion en oficinas

The importance of combining LEDs and natural light

Natural light is always a plus when it comes to the quality of the light in a room and the well-being of the people working in it. In office lighting projects, optimising light by taking natural light into consideration is a must. Installing light sensors that automatically adjust how much light luminaires project, so that illumination levels remain steady all day long, can be a real plus.

The most useful types of luminaires

In workplaces, there are three main types of luminaires and each has its own specific features.


Nowadays, we only tend to come across incandescent lights in older buildings. They are not energy efficient and generally emit quite a lot of heat. Curiously, however, and in spite of the fact that the consumption levels in these luminaires are high, incandescent lights are actually environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury.


Fluorescent lights are much more energy efficient than incandescent lights and do not emit as much heat. However, mercury is a key component in these luminaires, which means they are harmful to the environment.


LED lights are the best choice when it comes to office lighting. This is mainly because they do not consume a great deal of energy. Furthermore, they do not emit heat and they are environmentally friendly. LEDs are initially more expensive to install but, in the long run, their energy efficiency levels mean the return on investment is better. Luminaires with LED technology are more resistant and durable.

Control and adjustment

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to install lighting automation systems so that they can take real-time, programmed and even remote control of luminaires. These systems employ wireless, integrated and adjustable technology. They can also be controlled using lighting software management systems. Energy efficiency, sustainable consumption and financial savings are just some of the advantages of these automation systems.

Ilumación negocios tipos

Secom products

Perfecting office space lighting is easy thanks to the wide range of options available in the Secom product catalogue.

Office lighting options include downlights, panels, continuous-line luminaires, spotlights and more.

They are all perfect for delivering top-quality office lighting projects. They make incorporating all the right types of lighting into office space projects, and improving well-being and productivity, achievable.

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