The new Aliket Infinit: maximum modularity for your linear illumination installations

By: Secom
24 de March, 2021
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Aliket Infinit is SECOM’s innovative continuous line lighting solution. Given that light can have a significant impact on how at ease people feel as they go about their activities in a given space, selecting the right luminaire is crucial. This article addresses the main characteristics, advantages and features of Aliket Infinit.

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Aliket Infinit’s stand-out features

The Infinit series is part of the Aliket range of products and it has been designed to deliver continuous and homogeneous lighting solutions. In order to achieve this, the range includes a variety of different modules, all of which are fitted with LED lights. This makes for sharp, continuous lighting with no areas of low intensity.

Each module has between 20 and 40 W of power so that is can adapt to required lighting levels. The frame is made from extruded aluminium with a white powder coating, or it can be ordered in any other RAL colour.

In terms of dimensions, there are a range of L, T and cross-shaped unions so that fixtures can be made to suit whatever distribution is needed. The modules fit together easily into the preferred shape. Indeed, the aim is to give users the freedom to adapt the luminaires to suit their needs.




Another advantage of Aliket Infinit is the optic that has a 110° aperture to obtain optimum uniformity. The lights have a working life of 50,000 hours. This means that they sustain 80% of their luminous flux for at least 50,000 hours and the colour temperature can be either 3,000K, 4,000K or 5,700K, as preferred.

Since the lights are sold in modular format, it is possible to design different patterns to suit different spaces. Whilst this could potentially be a disadvantage due to a decrease in light emission where modules link together, SECOM has developed a solution to overcome this: the intersections have Infinit Light Connector fastenings that guarantee linear lighting with no losses at all.

Features of the SECOM Aliket range

The fact that these devices are entirely sealed mean they are perfect for illuminating indoor rooms and spaces. The straight lines mean they are perfect for office lighting, including rooms and hallways. Additionally, since they are linear, these lights can be fitted along corridors to provide appropriate illumination with no breaks. The different modules means they can even be made to go round bends and corners. But continuous lighting is not the only option: there are also closed modules that can be used to light up specific areas using just a single, independent module.




The Aliket Infinit light fixture is also perfect for spaces where lights do not need to be functioning all the time. There is a movement detection accessory which makes this light even more versatile. If it is installed in an underground parking space or basement, for example, the switch does not need to be turned on: the fixture turns itself on as soon as the sensor detects movement in the area.

The light fixture can be adapted for use in all kinds of buildings. The key element is the variety of optics that LED lights offer. For example, they can be used by fishmongers, in bakeries, butcher shops, fruit shops and wine cellars. The range of tones can be adapted to make products look appealing whilst ensuring that they can also be seen clearly by customers.

Last of all, this solution is a great added extra for events of all kinds. This is particularly true of art exhibitions, for example, where lighting quality and its impact on the art on display needs to be managed with utmost care. The lights rise to the challenge and can be used to create a range of patterns depending on the distribution of the space.



The advantages of Aliket Infinit

Modularity is the stand-out feature of this light fixture. It can be adapted to each space meaning that a range of different shapes and designs for added depth, for example, can be created.

Furthermore, since the luminaire uses the most efficient kind of LED semiconductors, their duration and electrical consumption translates into significant energy savings.

Installation is very simple indeed; a positive feature not to be ignored. Depending on what is required, modules can be fitted such that they hang from the ceiling or, alternatively, they can be attached to surfaces. Their ability to adapt to different spaces is quite simply infinite.




The intensity of the lights can be adjusted. As such, not only are they suitable for all kinds of spaces, both intimate and more public, they can also be adapted to suit all users’ needs. Clearly, Aliket Infinit can be used for a wide range of purposes, from the most functional through to interior design. In addition, DALI regulators are also available.

The working life of this light can extend up to 50,000 hours. Fixtures can be used to replace older ones and, in doing so, decrease maintenance costs.

Maintenance is minimal which means that savings are optimum. Replacing an LED that has lost intensity or replacing an entire module is neither expensive nor complicated. Since the fixture uses Infinit Light Connectors, parts can be removed and replaced in just a matter of minutes. Combining different tones and changing patterns is easy.

Last of all, one additional advantage of Aliket Infinit has to do with SECOM itself. Our range of lighting solutions stems from over 30 years of experience and the capacity of a consolidated company to provide excellent service every time. We are manufacturers located in Spain. We respond quickly and reliably without this having a negative impact on the quality of the services we provide.

In short, Aliket Infinit is an outstanding light fixture that can be installed anywhere and everywhere. Its range of functions make it quite the innovative product and its LED light capacity is a stand-out feature that makes for significant savings in energy and maintenance.


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