Advantages of the ALIKET ESTANCO IP65 continuous line luminaire

By: Secom
7 de January, 2021
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When selecting lighting solutions for a garage, office space, restaurant or other business premises, making the right choice is paramount. Indeed, appropriate use of artificial light is key to how these spaces work in the day-to-day. Opting for technology, such as a dust-proof and water-resistant LED luminaire, which delivers top-quality results and generates the biggest savings in energy is key.

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The Alitek Estanco IP65 continuous line luminaire has positioned itself as Secom’s leading solution for linear illumination, no matter what the weather conditions. This option guarantees homogeneous illumination levels along an entire space and minimises any potential dispersion of light.

The main uses and functions of Aliket Estanco IP65

The Aliket Estanco IP65 LED is an incredibly efficient continuous line lighting system. It is the perfect solution for replacing waterproof fluorescent luminaires up to 100 W, for example. Secom’s LED range is suitable for spaces in which conditions are unfavourable, extreme and demanding. Since these areas can vary greatly, we need to keep a specific luminosity in mind. This is why the waterproof luminaire systems, which have a great number of advantages and give excellent results, are what we recommend for all types of lighting projects.

aliket estanco

The housing is made from aluminium with polycarbonate accessories. Both materials are incredibly water, dust and corrosion-resistant. Thanks to its system of connections between luminaires, excellent lighting results are guaranteed.

In addition, these luminaires are known for their resistance to external agents such as dust and water. This particular option, which has an IP65 rating, can be left out in the elements as long as it is adequately protected. It can even withstand heavy rain. Furthermore, its transparency makes it very versatile and it can be installed in a range of different places.

The design of the Aliket Estanco luminaire has been optimised to guarantee functionality in warehouses, factories, carparks, markets, on transport platforms, in distribution and logistics hubs and so on. Its efficiency makes it ideal for any of the above locations and, thanks to its fitting and power supply features, it is quick and easy to install, regardless of whether it is attached to a surface or fitted as a suspended light. All that is needed is a simple ceiling fixture. In addition, this luminaire lights up immediately without delay. It is also worth pointing out the fact that it has an operating life that is over five times that of a standard fluorescent light.



In other words, this luminaire delivers optimum results both in terms of how it lights up an area and in terms of its seal. This is all thanks to its highly resistant materials and method of assembly, which have earned it its IP65 rating.

The main advantages of this LED light include:

  • No maintenance required
  • Installation is simple since it connects directly to the supply network
  • It lights up immediately and this does not have any impact on its operating life
  • It is notably resistant to physical impact and vibrations
  • It is completely silent
  • It has an elevated chromatic reproduction index

The importance of the IP protection rating

When undertaking an electrical installation project, environmental conditions must be taken into account so that suitable LED light fixtures are installed. All outdoor environments have their own specific characteristics such as humidity, temperature and exposure to wind, amongst others. Therefore, and depending on the specific place where a light needs to be fitted, it will need to have a certain IP protection rating in order to withstand the impact of those external agents.


But, what exactly does this mean? IP stands for ‘ingress protection’ and it refers to how well the light is protected, as regulated by international standard IEC 60529. The index rating tells us if a light or lamp is suitable for a given environment and if it can withstand physical impact, dust, humidity, rain and so on. The Aliket Estanco IP65 LED is recommended for most outdoor environments. An IP65 rating guarantees an elevated degree of protection against all kinds of weather conditions.


Technical characteristics and specifications

The technical characteristics of Secom LED light fixtures, such as this particular model, give them a number of advantages: their energy and maintenance cost savings are noteworthy; they come in a wide range of colour temperatures, measurements and colours; they can be adjusted; and assembly and installation are easy.

Technical characteristics

Illumination of this kind has the following characteristics:

  • The body is manufactured from extruded aluminium with powder coating
  • The power source is a stand-out feature and includes high-power drivers
  • In terms of the lights themselves, the Osram LED 50 W integrated modules are noteworthy
  • They can be installed as surface or suspension lights
  • The operating life of these fixtures can reach up to around 50,000 hours


The Alitek Estanco LED model is extremely versatile. It is one of the LED products that best adapts to all kinds of exterior environments.

  • The device is 150 cm long and between 5.5 and 6 cm wide and deep.
  • Furthermore, this model has a light temperature of 4,000 °K as standard, although it can also be purchased in 3,000 °K and 5,7000 °K formats.
  • 50 W of power and 7,700 lumens of light are common features across all models.

In short, a waterproof LED luminaire such as the Alitek by Secom has a great number of advantages.  It is very versatile and can adapt to any space that requires illumination and where extreme conditions make using traditional light fixtures complicated.


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